It’s that easy

We worked with a local company just on Facebook this past month. They are active on Facebook, but their engagement level was not what they wanted it to be. I previously worked with them on Twitter with just a few minor tweaks, we increased their engagement by 31% with fewer tweets that were more targeted.

Now we move on to Facebook. They had some exciting things happening and wanted to capitalize on it. All you want to see is the results.Facebook Improvement

This is a 28 day rolling period, starting October 10th. We didn’t start working until October 25th! The numbers are huge for 15 days of work, an 87% increase in reach and 84% increase in engagement. The crazy thing is, most marketers want thousands of dollars for a campaign like this, we start at just $29.95/month! Get started today!

Welcome to Seafoam Social

Welcome to Seafoam Social! This company was started to provide social media services to small business owners because I have been there! It can be a full-time job and I loved it and what it did for my business, so why not do it for others as well? At a reasonable price? Sure there are services out there that are thousands of dollars per month, but what about the little guy trying to make ends meet? Who goes to bat for them? That’s why I’m here, I know the world needs more entrepreneurs and people willing to take a risk, but just need a helping hand.

We’ve assembled a team of people who know what they’re doing and can do it quickly and efficiently for you. Welcome to the Seafoam Social Family!