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Seafoam Social New Client

It’s always great when you get a new client, but this one is a little different. They have been established for years and despite a working knowledge of SEO and Social Media, they have yet to get ahold of a significant market share. Fortunately they have tasked us with nearly everything, branding, social media, video production, and more. And I can’t be more excited!

I hope to be showing you some results in the coming months and your company could become the next Seafoam Success!

It’s that easy

We worked with a local company just on Facebook this past month. They are active on Facebook, but their engagement level was not what they wanted it to be. I previously worked with them on Twitter with just a few minor tweaks, we increased their engagement by 31% with fewer tweets that were more targeted.

Now we move on to Facebook. They had some exciting things happening and wanted to capitalize on it. All you want to see is the results.Facebook Improvement

This is a 28 day rolling period, starting October 10th. We didn’t start working until October 25th! The numbers are huge for 15 days of work, an 87% increase in reach and 84% increase in engagement. The crazy thing is, most marketers want thousands of dollars for a campaign like this, we start at just $29.95/month! Get started today!

What is stopping you?

Utah Social MediaIf you could increase your business and you haven’t yet? What’s stopping you? It’s the unknown, it’s the “I’m going to waste my time”. That kind of thinking is all wrong, you cannot afford that thinking in today’s world of marketing.

I had a client who I designed a website for and did some promotional work around it. His business boomed, he thanked me and sent me on my way. Now 2 years later, he has come back to me and said that his business is failing, he needs a new website. The website is misguided, it’s the marketing around the new site that made the business boom. His social marketing was non-existent.

I created and curated his brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He had some following on YouTube, but not much. Those have all been stagnant for 2 years now and he’s been hurting for some time, now he’s desperate. His thinking is very old-school and doesn’t see how social networking can possibly help his business. After showing him again where the leads were coming from back when his new site was designed, he started to understand. The marketing world is so different from 2 years ago, it requires new thinking.

With that in mind, I’m starting a new campaign for him, social marketing is what you need and we’re here to make you stand out!

Call Seafoam Social today!

Compelling reasons to be on Pinterest

Pinterest for small business

When your business is on social media, most business don’t think to start a Pinterest page for their business. Most think of the usual Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but Pinterest isn’t for businesses, right? Wrong. Think of who is on Pinterest. According to DMR Stats, Pinterest has 100 million active users, why wouldn’t you want those eyes on your business?!?

Almost 1/3rd of all social media traffic is all on Pinterest. Now it’s not as easy as just starting a Facebook page, you have to create compelling content that is begging to be shared or pinned. The reward is there though, many business have switched from traditional media to Pinterest and have seen great results.

This is especially crucial if your target market involves women as nearly 42% of all adult women are on Pinterest and 85% of Pinterest’s total users are female. This is a huge opportunity for all types of businesses today and should not be ignored! The time to act is now.

Trent V. Bray

If you need help with your Pinterest portfolio, contact us today!


Should I be on Snapchat?


When growing your small business there is no shortage of options out there to get your message across. There’s Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and of course Snapchat. Why is it worth your time? Most 30+ year old people don’t understand Snapchat.

Snapchat currently has over 400,000,000 snaps(Source) and it is growing quickly! It would be ridiculous to not be a part of this network. Now the great part about Snapchat is that it doesn’t have a pay-to-play option where your users won’t actually see your snaps unless you pay for them to see it like Facebook. This is a huge advantage!

Don’t waste time, start snapping today and we can help you navigate the snapchat universe.

Should I pay to promote my Facebook posts?


It’s a question that as little as a year or two ago I would have told you flat-out, no depending on the circumstance! However, Facebook is playing hardball lately. Maybe not hardball as much as they are playing Monopoly.

Facebook has to make money somehow to please the shareholders and they’ve hooked a lot of companies on promoting posts when it was very cost-effective and clear. Now, even with a high Facebook Edge rank and using video on your posts, don’t expect much return compared to your ‘Likes’.

Facebook also recently changed their algorithm to make it even less likely to get organic shares on your posts. Sounds like time to abandon Facebook, right? Too bad your customers are there! So until a viable alternative arises, we must pay to play. Does it have to be bad? Not if you test!

Test, test, test!

I can’t stress enough the importance of setting aside a decent budget to test different keywords and rates to reach your target audience. Oftentimes a company wants to just throw money at a problem and expect results. Patience is key. Recently a customer of ours was being impatient, but in the first week of testing, Facebook was recommending a $1.50 CPC rate, but we whittled that down to $0.10 CPC and were just as effective in our limited testing. The conversion rate was surprisingly good considering the poor implementation of the website they were sent to. This brings me to my next point.

The complete package

You could have the perfect tested Facebook ad campaign, but unless you implement a consistent image and feel, you will be throwing your money at Facebook and watching their stock price grow while yours falls.

This means your social media team needs to work with your web development team which needs to work with your PPC team. Communication and a consistent message can help you stretch your Facebook dollars that you now have to spend.

Twitter on a budget

A lot of companies don’t believe they can afford to have someone manage their social media when they don’t have the time or expertise, but it is crucial in today’s online-centric world! This was from a real-life customer who had let their Twitter languish after working hard to get a small following.
Within a few months of using our cheapest Twitter-only package, you can see the results below. Keep in mind the “after” was taken on April 15th, halfway through the month, so there is room to grow still!

Seafoam Social Twitter results

Your small business needs to be on social media, and we can help you with that so you can focus on what’s next and how to handle the extra work. 😉

Welcome to Seafoam Social

Welcome to Seafoam Social! This company was started to provide social media services to small business owners because I have been there! It can be a full-time job and I loved it and what it did for my business, so why not do it for others as well? At a reasonable price? Sure there are services out there that are thousands of dollars per month, but what about the little guy trying to make ends meet? Who goes to bat for them? That’s why I’m here, I know the world needs more entrepreneurs and people willing to take a risk, but just need a helping hand.

We’ve assembled a team of people who know what they’re doing and can do it quickly and efficiently for you. Welcome to the Seafoam Social Family!